316 stainless steel round bar

316 is the grade under the American standard. It belongs to stainless steel. Heat resistant. Corrosion resistant steel. It is austenitic stainless steel. For the national standard is 0Cr17Ni12Mo2. It is better than 304 stainless steel. In seawater and other various media. Corrosion resistance ratio 0Cr19Ni9 is good. Mainly resistant to pitting materials.

Chemical composition:

Carbon C : ≤ 0.08

Silicon Si: ≤1.00

Manganese Mn: ≤ 2.00

Sulfur S :≤0.030

Phosphorus P :≤0.035

Chromium Cr: 16.00~18.50

Nickel Ni: 10.00~14.00

Molybdenum Mo: 2.00~3.00

Mechanical properties:

Conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa): ≥ 205

Elongation δ5 (%): ≥ 40

Area shrinkage ψ (%): ≥ 60

Hardness: ≤187HB; ≤90HRB; ≤200HV

How the difference between 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel is as follows:

The two most commonly used stainless steels 304, 316 (or 1.4308, 1.4408 corresponding to German/European standards), the main difference in chemical composition between 316 and 304 is that 316 contains Mo, and it is generally accepted that 316 has better corrosion resistance. It is more resistant to corrosion than 304 in high temperature environments. Therefore, in high temperature environments, engineers generally use parts of 316 materials.


1. Outline: Add Mo (2~3%), excellent pitting resistance and excellent high temperature creep strength.

2. Features: 1. The appearance of cold-rolled products is good and beautiful; 2. Adding Mo, excellent corrosion resistance, especially pitting resistance; 3. Excellent high temperature strength; 4. Excellent work hardening (weak after processing) Magnetic) 5, no solution in the solid solution state; 6, relatively high in 304 stainless steel.

3. Scope of application: pipelines, heat exchangers, food industry, chemical industry, etc.

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316 stainless steel round bar

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