316L stainless steel plate corrosion resistance principle

1) Selection of atmospheric environment medium
General use Cr13, Cr17, or 18-8 type, less use 18-14-2.

2) the choice of water medium
Generally 18-8 type, control N type 18-8,316 type and so can be resistant to chloride ion corrosion, do tool can also choose Cr13 type. In the sea should be used high Cr, Ni containing Mo steel, or duplex steel.

3) nitric acid medium selection
In the dilute nitric acid (≤ 65%), the general 18-8 has a good resistance to nitric acid corrosion; with the increase in concentration, to 68.4% or more, the choice of Cr25Ni20 steel, and then high concentrations (≥ 85%), the need Use high Cr austenitic stainless steel containing Si.

4) 316L stainless steel plate sulfuric acid medium application
Mo-free stainless steel, can not be used for sulfuric acid corrosion, and Mo2-3% with the 316 series, is the lowest grades of sulfuric acid corrosion resistance, Mo dual phase steel is also quite superior to or better than 316 series; with sulfuric acid concentration , Need to use high Cr, Ni, containing Cu, Si austenitic stainless steel.

5) the choice of hydrochloric acid medium
Hydrochloric acid medium reducibility, stainless steel is difficult to passivation, dilute hydrochloric acid need to use high Cr, Ni, containing Cu, Si austenitic stainless steel. 18-8 can not be used.

6, the use of caustic soda medium
Selection of Cr ≥ 26% pure ferritic stainless steel or Ni ≥ 20% of the Cr-Ni austenitic stainless steel.

7) organic acid medium in the selection
General optional Cr17 type, or Mo-containing austenitic stainless steel.

8) to prevent local corrosion of the material
◆ to prevent intergranular corrosion: select 321,304 L, 316Ti, 347 and so on
◆ point corrosion: optional 316 (L), high purity ferrite 00Cr18Mo2, duplex stainless steel 18-5,2205 and so on.
◆ crevice corrosion: the general resistance to corrosion of steel can be used.
◆ stress corrosion: 316 series, dual phase steel and so on.

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