316L stainless steel mirror steel pipe

Stainless steel mirror tube, is the polishing is based on customer requirements (600 # 700 # 800 #) for surface treatment of a process, fine polishing refers to the way to meet customer requirements for polishing, mirror polishing usually refers to the polished Customer requirements effect.

In order to achieve the mirror effect, the last use of stainless steel polishing more electrochemical polishing, the surface will not leave stripes, only in the mechanical polishing cast well, electropolishing can not remove the bottom will leave the original stripes.

Stainless steel surface treatment, now mainly light and matt two ways. The light is the mirror polished you say, looks like a mirror, very bright; matte is that you have the kind of stripes, does not look very bright, but it looks quite upscale. Are made with the drawing process.

316L stainless steel sanitary stainless steel pipe
Executive Standard: ASTM270 Material: 316L stainless steel industrial pipe.

Specifications: Φ6Φ12.7Φ14Φ15Φ16Φ18Φ19Φ22.2Φ25.4Φ31.8Φ35Φ38.1Φ41.28Φ42.7Φ44.5Φ50.8Φ57.5Φ63.5Φ76.2Φ80Φ89Φ101.6Φ108

Thickness: 1.0mm-6mm

316L stainless steel mirror tube for: Sanitary standards for drinking water pipes, food plants, pharmaceuticals, beverage industry, toothpaste factory.

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