316L stainless steel heat exchanger tube coil

316L stainless steel heat exchanger tube coil  316L stainless steel heat exchanger tube coil  

1, the discharge of the chip into a trumpet-like

Taps and stainless steel tube coil is not the same as the workpiece is the heart of the impact of the life of an important reason, it will tap in the tapping process of uneven force, the formation of taps premature fatigue damage and even cracking. The main factors affecting the different heart, including machine tool spindle, tap joints, taps shank, the workpiece, the quality of fixture production and fixture and machine table adjustment of quality. To deal with the use of qualified tap connector and fixture, carefully adjust the machine. In addition, the tap and the machine tool in the process of pulling rods do not pull too tight, so tap tap a little bit of activity; tap and tap connector when the top wire is not too tight, so tap can self-centering.

2, the use of tap and tap the quality of re-grinding a great link. Re-grinding tap should pay attention to the following questions:

When the tapping to the thread fit scale, there will be two taps face the situation, the reason is the tap surface is longer. In this situation the need to shorten the end face of the tap, but the end face grinding short after the use of the tap function may have adverse effects. Taps face grinding short before and after the tap contact with the workpiece can be seen, the end face of a short thread after the tap can not be normal into the hole, but was pressed into the hole end, and then affect the use of tap function.

316L stainless steel heat exchanger tube coil

3, tap end face grinding short before the end of tap after grinding

To deal with this question, some users had to tap from the front of the Ministry of the Ministry of grinding, grinding before and after the tap-oriented before some. Because after grinding the shape of the front guide changes, will still affect the use of tap function. The solution to this problem is to adhere to the original geometric shape of the front guide when grinding, the best is the use of taper shovel grinding machine grinding (grinding machine can also be on the grinding process). The best way to handle a tapered surface is to tailor the short tap to the specific needs of the thread to be machined.

4, the normal tap

Tapping after a period of time will become dull tap, at the moment must be timely grinding tap, and grinding after the tap is usually not easy to use or not used, the reason is re-grinding is usually in the floor grinding machine grinding technology (grinding wheel Thickness is usually 5 ~ 6mm or thicker), can not guarantee the trough after grinding groove, rake angle and groove finish. Taps before and after the grinding groove and tapping when the chip flow. The trough before the taper grinding and the trough after the taper grinding and the chip flow when tapping the tapping.

5, tapping oil selection

Tapping the stainless steel pipe, the tapping oil selection is also important. Tapping oil is necessary to have excellent cooling, lubrication and anti-rust function. Such as tapping oil lubrication is not good, then attack the thread finish is poor, and tap tap resistance. Such as tapping oil cooling effect is not good, the tap simple sticky teeth, that is, in the tap thread and the front angle surface easy to bond stainless steel chip.

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