316 stainless steel flat bar suppliers

316 stainless steel flat bar suppliers  316 stainless steel flat bar suppliers  

The stainless steel flat bar is one kind of steel that rectangle and slightly with the edge. Stainless steel flat steel can be semi-finished steel. Have two types that cold drawn polished stainless steel flat bar and hot rolled acid white sand stainless steel flat bar. There are some biggest 316 stainless steel flat bar suppliers in China, such as TISCO, BAOSTEEL, SHAGANG and SHANSTEEL, etc. We Jawaysteel also is one of the biggest manufacturer.

As 316 stainless steel flat bar suppliers, produce many grades, such as 201,202,203,301,303,304, 304 l, 304, 316, 316 l, 310 s,410,420,430, 630, 1 cr13, 2 cr13 and 3 cr13, etc. It widely used in various building structure and engineering structure, such as the beam, Bridges, transmission tower, lifting transportation machinery, ship, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse shelves, etc.

Stainless steel flat steel can be made of various mechanical components according to the structure of the different needs. Also can as artifacts between the joints. Stainless steel flat bar used for Bridges in construction engineering, room frame, fences, transmission of ship, automobile, etc. In the production of stainless steel flat bar, the billet raw material is low carbon steel billet. Finished products with cold rolled or hot rolled stainless steel flat bar or hot rolled forming delivery state.

As the 316 stainless steel flat bar suppliers, we should know the type and sizes:
It is mainly divided into two types, equal and unequal. And the equal bar can be divided into the square bar specification with the length and width of side.
The import and export goods in general use in the required specifications. The steel grade for carbon steel and steel grade accordingly. The stainless steel flat bar length of delivery is cut-length and multiple length.

We Jaway steel corporation has nearly 20 years fruitful experience. We are the professional 316 stainless steel flat bar suppliers. Cooperated with CNPC, Porsche and TOYOTA, etc. Self-esteem, self-confidence and mutual benefit is our core spirit, “consider more and service more for our client” is our basic motto. Welcome new and existing client to enquiry.

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