316 stainless steel coil prices

316 stainless steel coil prices  

316 stainless steel coil also called 304L stainless steel coil.

Material: 201,202,301,302,304,304L, 310,310S, 316,316L, 321,409,410,420,430 and other materials.

Specifications: Thickness 0.03 to 5.0MM width can be cut strip, strip, roll, rolling belt strip (Note: the production of stainless steel rolling strip thickness and width according to customer demand)

Surface: BA plane, 2B surface good surface quality, NO.1 (white), 2D face, NO.4 (matte), HL (drawing), 8K surfaces, good brightness variety of materials: stainless steel, stainless steel conveyor , stainless steel strap, elastic stainless steel, stainless steel tape, ultra-thin stainless steel band.

Hardness: (HV) 160 ° -600 ° (soft state, 1 / 2H, 3 / 4H, H) and so a second stainless steel roll.

316 stainless steel Coil prices to stabilize the main, 316 stainless steel coil steel prices rose more than 2%, market sentiment is relatively good. However, the overall spot market volume is still small, so the majority of market players early to maintain the sidelines. Three leading cities prices to stabilize the main part of the second-tier market rebar fell. The overall market was relatively calm, decisive factors, no significant change in supply and demand environment; the impact factors, no good bad news, 316 stainless steel coil prices continued to fluctuate slightly recently become a major factor in stock prices appear the current situation.

It is reported that, in a market with 316 stainless steel after prices rebounded slightly, steel prices up too timely, although accounting down in accordance with the steel price policy, then the market price is slightly higher, but the dealer also stocks hand early undigested finished, the prices for short-term selling pressure is undoubtedly more layer. But there are businesses that enter in August, demand or will be improved, in addition to gradually reduce the amount of stock market and steel, the steel price increases will be the market price or slightly again signs of a rebound. Priced raised by the impact of the market traders have to pull up the local market these days the cumulative increase of 50 yuan / ton. After the price rise, the market turnover improved slightly, a few sites to speed up the procurement plan, but most terminal or indifferent, continued demand procurement, the auction will not be a big change.

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