316 stainless steel bar stock price

        316 stainless steel bar is a common steel material,it usually use for pipeline, heat exchanger, food industry, chemical industry, etc. Grade316 is for American standard. It is a  type of stainless steel with heat resistant. and corrosion resistant . It is austenitic stainless steel. For the national standard, it is 0Cr17Ni12Mo2. It is better than 304 in sea water and other various media. Corrosion resistance ratio 0Cr19Ni9 is good. It is mainly pitting resistant material.




 316 stainless steel bar chemical composition:

C: 0.08

Si: 1.00

Mn: 2.00

S: 0.030

P: 0.045

Cr: 16.0018.00

Ni: 10.0014.00

Mo: 2.003.00


316 stainless steel bar size and diameter:

Hot-rolled bar:5.5mm---110mm

Hot- forged bar: 110mm---400mm

Length including random length, specified length and multiple length

Random length should be no less than 1 meter/pcs, such as 3m-4m,5m-6m

        Our Cold Drawn bright round bar diameter range is 2mm---50mm, Centerless Grinding Bright Bar diameter range is 5mm---40mm,Peeled Bright round bar diameter is from 40mm---300mm


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