316 Stainless Steel Flat Bar

316 stainless steel flat steel is a rectangular steel with slightly pure edges. This kind of steel can also be classified as semi-finished steel. There are two types of hot-rolled acid white sandblasting and cold-drawn polished stainless steel flat steel. This stainless steel flat steel is often used in building structures and engineering structures. Such as bridges, power transmission towers, ships and industrial furnaces, and warehouse shelves. When this kind of flat steel is sold, the edge width, size and other information of the flat steel must be attached to generate a transaction. Stainless steel flat steel is generally custom-made, and specific production is carried out for different materials. It is mainly divided into two types, equilateral and unequal, with certain production specifications. In the international trade industry, stainless steel flat steel also has a certain market share.

316 Stainless Steel Flat Bar


Jawaysteel Corporation,stainless steel products supplier from China,founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer and global exporter specializing in metal manufacture and exportation. In recent years, winged by rapid merge and expansion,Our well-equipped plant emerged in Dainan, Jiangsu Province, with two Export offices respectively located in Shanghai and HongKong catering.Export offices respectively located in Shanghai and HongKong catering to a lager scale of customers from both home and abroad under the banner of supreme service.


316 stainless steel flat steel has great use value on ships. Because 316 stainless steel flat steel has corrosion resistance and chloride resistance. This super strong corrosion resistance makes 316 stainless steel flat steel widely used in the entire marine equipment. Because in the environment where seawater exists, the degree of corrosion is much greater than that on land. If this type of stainless steel flat steel cannot be used, the entire structure of the ship must be fully processed. Not only to reduce the chloride content, but also to ensure that the seawater has the lowest corrosion rate. For this requirement, it is better to use stainless steel flat steel to solve. In addition to the manufacture of ships, stainless steel is widely used in large-capacity chemical containers.


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