310s stainless steel flat bar with reasonable price

310s stainless steel flat bar with reasonable price  310s stainless steel flat bar with reasonable price  

According to traders, the current 310s stainless steel flat bar market even if there are transactions, the number is very small, and the transaction price bargaining space. Iron ore market due to weak market demand, lack of orders, in order to promote market sales, price concessions significantly increased.

Comprehensive consideration, the next period of time, casting pig iron demand will continue the off-season. China's steel exports are expected later or will remain high level. Since 2015, despite China's steel industry in the boron steel export tax rebate cancellation and frequent trade friction, steel exports will be affected.

However, with the recovery in demand for steel products in Europe and the United States, China's steel prices continue down, China's steel products, the advantages of scale and price advantage highlights China's steel exports will continue to maintain growth. Iron and steel industry, the overall operation of the situation, the downstream orders continue to shrink, the terminal demand in the doldrums, steel trade enterprises continue to decline in sales, steel market activity decreased.

Into July, the steel industry will enter the traditional needs of off-season, 310s stainless steel flat bar downstream demand will be further weakened. Affected by the impact of downstream orders to reduce the willingness to reduce the purchase of steel enterprises, steel market demand in July will be down.

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