310S stainless steel pipe

  310 stainless steel pipe is mainly used in petroleum, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries!

  310S corresponds to the domestic brand number 0Cr25Ni20,

  310 stainless steel tube, 310S stainless steel tube Specification: Ф1.0MM or more

  chemical composition

  C : ≤ 0.25%

  Si : ≤ 1.50%

  Mn : ≤ 2.00%

  P : ≤ 0.045%

  S : ≤0.0.03%

  Cr : 24.0-26.0%

  Ni : 19.0-22.0%

  Mechanical properties

  Hardness (HB): ≤187

  Tensile strength (бb) (Mpa): ≥ 520

  Yield strength (σs) (Mpa): ≥ 205

  Elongation (δ)%: ≥40

  Area reduction (ψ)%: ≥50

310S stainless steel pipe

  310 high temperature oxidation resistance

  Stainless steel is made to have oxidation resistance by local oxidation of chromium, and a very stable oxide (Cr2O3 chromium oxide) can be formed during the local oxidation of chromium. As long as the chromium content of the metal is sufficient, a continuous layer of chrome oxide green can be formed on the metal surface to prevent the formation of other oxides and protect the metal. The oxidation resistance of austenitic stainless steel can be estimated by the chromium content. The high temperature resistant alloy contains at least 20% by weight of chromium. Replacing the iron component with a nickel component also generally provides the properties of the alloy at elevated temperatures. 309/309S, 310/310S are high-alloy materials and therefore have quite good oxidation resistance.

  310 heat treatment / annealing

  The main reason for annealing these alloys is to produce a recrystallized fine structure that achieves uniform grain size and decomposes harmful chromium carbide precipitates.


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