310S 2B Stainless Steel Plate

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310S 2B Stainless Steel Plate


310S 2B stainless steel plate:

310S stainless steel is austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel with good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Because a higher percentage of chromium and nickel, it has a much better creep strength and can continue to operate at high temperatures.

310S stainless steel has good high temperature resistance. When the temperature exceeds 800, it begins to soften, and the allowable stress begins to continue to decrease. The maximum operating temperature is 1200 °C. Due to the high content of nickel (Ni) and chromium (Cr), it has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance. The high temperature resistant steel pipe is specially used for the manufacture of electric furnace tubes and other occasions. After the content, due to its solid solution strengthening effect, the strength is improved. The chemical composition of austenitic stainless steel is based on chromium and nickel. Elements such as molybdenum, tungsten, niobium, and titanium are added. Due to its face-centered cubic structure, Therefore, it has high strength and creep strength at high temperature.


310S 2B stainless steel plate surface:

2B—Silver white and has better gloss and flatness than 2D surface. Processing technology: hot rolling + annealing shot peening pickling + cold rolling + annealing pickling + quenching and tempering rolling.


310S 2B stainless steel plate application:

Petroleum, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries.

310S 2B stainless steel plate Mechanical properties:

Hardness (HB): ≤187

Tensile strength (бb) (Mpa): ≥515

Yield strength (σs) (Mpa): ≥205

Elongation (δ)%: ≥35

Area reduction (ψ)%: ≥50

1. Recommended heat treatment system: 1030 ° C-1180 ° C, rapid cooling;

2. Mechanical properties include (1.) tensile strength: not less than 520; (2.) specified non-proportional extension strength: not less than 205; (3.) elongation after break: not less than 35;

3. Density: 7.98.


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