307 Ti Stainless Steel Cold Heading Wire

  ER307Ti Stainless steel cold heading wire main component is 18Cr-8Ni-6Mn, 307Ti stainless steel Cold Heading wire is a kind of austenitic stainless steel welding wire.

  In general, heat treatment needs to be completed by several processes, the first need for heat treatment of stainless steel hydrogen annealed wire removal cleaning, in addition to the surface of paint. Compared with 304, 307ti can increase the content of nickel metal, and its aging and deep drawing properties are better than 304.

  It can be widely used in various applications. As Ti is burned in the welding, in order to ensure the corrosion resistance of the weld, in its matrix must improve the Ti content.

  Stainless steel cold heading wire mainly austenitic series stainless steel, low yield strength. Cold heading steel requires lower resistance to deformation and better plasticity. After cleaning, in order to prevent deformation during heating, it should be fixed with professional fixtures and placed in an effective heating area for preheating. Or for some difficult to weld the alloy, dissimilar steel welding and surfacing.

307 Ti Stainless Steel Cold Heading Wire

  ER307Ti has good crack resistance, it is ER307 based on the addition of Ti, can effectively improve the corrosion resistance, in particular. For welding with heat and corrosion resistance requirements, titanium-containing stainless steel or iron-nickel alloy.

  Stainless steel cold heading wire is mainly used to make screws, bolts and other fasteners. After heating to a certain extent, the stainless steel will be cooled, and the cooling mode of hydrogen wiring of stainless steel with different microstructure is also different.

  The strength, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of hydrogen stripping of stainless steel will be obviously better than that of stainless steel without heat treatment. Design and development of the appropriate slag and refining process.

  Jaway Steel is a professional manufacturer in 307Ti stainless steel Cold Heading wire for many years. Static load is the common calibration method used in most stainless steel hydrogen stripping wires.

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