304l stainless steel sheet price

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Properties and uses of stainless Steel

  The corrosion resistance of 304 steel, as a low C steel, is similar to that of 304 steel in general state, but the resistance to grain boundary corrosion is excellent after welding or after stress. Good corrosion resistance can also be maintained without heat treatment, generally under 400 (non-magnetic, using temperature of -196 degrees Celsius to 800 degrees Celsius)

  It is used in chemical, coal, petroleum industry interior and exterior outdoor machinery, building materials, heat resistant parts and parts that are difficult to heat treatment.

  The development of 304L stainless steel has made the corrosion resistance, appearance, processability and strength of 304L stainless steel far superior to that of other materials. This makes a great contribution to the development of stainless steel.

  Stainless steel export is an important part of China's export economy. It plays an important role in stimulating China's economic growth. However, judging from the current situation of stainless steel foreign trade in China, The export of stainless steel in China has encountered great resistance

  Since last year, there has been frequent news from foreign countries of "double inversion" of stainless steel foundry products in China, which has a great impact on the stainless steel foundry industry in China. Export is a major part of the development of stainless steel industry in China. It has a huge market share in its industrial development. In the face of the current economic downturn and the slowing down of the development rate, the development of China's stainless steel industry should continuously improve the quality of its products. Better development of overseas trade and the suppression of trade protectionism, the combination of products with environmental protection, energy resources, human environment, to enhance the competitiveness of stainless steel products, only in this way,An undefeated position in foreign trade.

  In view of the external export difficulties, China's stainless steel industry on the one hand to protect the rights, but the most important thing is that China's stainless steel industry to constantly improve its own quality level, and to carry out an overall upgrade.

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