304H stainless steel plate with high quality

304H stainless steel plate with high quality.Japanese SUS series austenitic stainless steel, good corrosion resistance and welding performance, good thermal strength.304 steel belongs to low carbon austenitic stainless steel with strong acid resistance, especially polynitric acid. Suitable for manufacturing deep drawing parts, acid pipelines, acid storage containers, etc. 304H has good corrosion resistance and thermal strength. It is mainly used in superheaters, reheaters, steam pipes, heat exchangers in petrochemical industry and other corrosion resistant parts of large boilers.

304H: Stainless heat-resistant steel has good intergranular corrosion resistance, plasticity, toughness, cold working ability, good bending and welding process performance, corrosion resistance, high endurance strength and structural stability, and excellent cold deformation ability under solid solution condition. It has good corrosion resistance in oxidizing acid, atmosphere and water. Suitable for manufacturing deep drawing parts, acid pipelines, containers, etc. The highest use temperature can reach 650 C, and the highest oxidation resistance temperature can reach 850 304L material has better braiding and welding characteristics because of its low carbon content.

Chemical composition:

Carbon (C) > 0.08
Manganese (Mn) of 2.00 or less
Silicon (Si) of 1.00 or less
Phosphorus (P) of 0.045 or less
Sulphur (S) of 0.030 or less
Chromium (Cr) : 18.00 ~ 20.00
Nickel (Ni) : 8.00 ~ 10.50

304H stainless steel plate with high quality.SUS304H is mainly used for large boiler superheater, reheater, steam pipe, petrochemical heat exchanger.Compared with 304 (06Cr19Ni10) and 304L, 304H has different carbon content. 304H has higher carbon content than 304, 304L has lower carbon content than 304, 304 has less carbon content than 0.08%.The carbon content of 304H (07Cr19Ni10) ranges from 0.04% to 0.1%. The carbon content of 304L (022Cr19Ni10) is within 0.035%.

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