304 stainless steel wire suppliers

304 stainless steel wire suppliers  

The stainless steel round wire is a kind wire with round shape, due to its’ characteristics. Almost all manufacturers can produce 304 as material.

As one of 304 stainless steel wire suppliers, Jaway Co. can supply goods with cheap price since it has made improvement in technology and facilities. Usually, 304 wire has advantages as below

1. With High-temperature resistance.
2.With fine surface, such as brightness
3.With high resistance to fatigue strength;
4. With high accurate size( up to +/- 0.01mm), has specific tolerance.
5.With stable chemical composition, pure steel and low content of impurities
6.With many application in life of people,
7.With a strong corrosion resistance, tensile strength, it can be used in the medical industry and the chemical industry, it has high corrosion resistance ability comparing with carbon steel.

Stainless steel is an important material in metal, and wire is an important goods in steel.

Jawaysteel is the leading company of 304 stainless steel wire suppliers, and great discount can be offered if large order.

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