304 stainless steel tube manufacturer price trend

Once caused the stainless steel market supply gap. 2017 in the second quarter to the third quarter, the domestic legal compliance stainless steel production enterprises to speed up production, in a gradual phase to fill the supply gap.

However, subject to the hot metal resources, long process enterprises blast furnace capacity utilization up to 90%, has been at a record high, and the electric arc furnace strict control of new capacity, the third quarter of domestic 304 stainless steel pipe production capacity utilization rate also reached the year high, Further rise.

According to track, 7,8 months of the mainstream traders 304 stainless steel seamless pipe daily average volume increased, nearly three months overall demand stable, showing off-season is not light, the season is not busy pattern. Due to 7,8 month 304 stainless steel pipe prices rose, ahead of some of the needs of overdraft, coupled with the property market regulation effect, resulting in the September season demand is not honored. Can be speculated that in July 304 stainless steel pipe market in a short supply pattern, in August into the tight supply and demand balance, supply and demand in September a little pressure.

Why is there a slight pressure? On the one hand, in September the community 304 stainless steel pipe stocks continued to rise, indicating that demand in the season did not meet expectations, brokers shipped poor. According to monitoring, last week the major cities in the country steel stocks continued to rise for 5 weeks. On the other hand, steel stocks are still low during the year, coupled with significant increase in industrial concentration, corporate pricing to strengthen the right to speak. According to monitoring, last week the national sample of steel inventories and the lowest level of the year difference.

Recent steel mills "limited production order", site "stop orders" news constantly, and more concentrated in the National Day after the implementation, temporarily consider its impact. 304 stainless steel pipe market demand this week, weaker than last week, with the holidays approaching, is expected next week, end users are also difficult to focus on the situation. At the same time, the mainstream steel prices under pressure, the current spread is gradually expanding, but also exacerbate market pessimism.

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