304 stainless steel mirror flat steel

304 stainless steel mirror flat steel  304 stainless steel mirror flat steel  

With more than 12% Cr inside,the stainless steel materials are very easy to be polished or machined with fine surface,like pickled,Hair line,brush,matt,No.4 and Mirror.Surface treatment always occurs on flat stainless steel like stainless steel sheet,coil,strip,flat bar etc,as most polishing methods are to use automatic grinding facility to polish the surface of the stainless steel.

Hereby we are talking about how to polish the stainless steel mirror flat steel ? Take 304 stainless steel flat for example.Almost all stainless steel sheets thickness less than 3mm with the surface of 2B,this is the basic surface,now if we want to get mirror surface stainless steel sheet,we must take 2B sheets firstly and do surface treatment by using that polishing facility,it will not be a hard task,as the technology is very experienced.See below the pic for 304 stainless steel mirror flat sheet.

Another very common enquiry is how to polish the stainless steel flat bar into mirror surface ?

As nearly all flat bars are coming from hot rolling,with pickled surface.People will find hard to get mirror surface from polishing the pickled surface,due to the polishing zone is so narrow that the grinding facility cannot work well,another reason is flat bars always with very thick thickness that make polishing defect,so it is very confirmed that flat bars polishing cannot get mirror surface.And after our testing from technician,we realise if you want to get stainless steel mirror flat steel bar,we have to use laser cutting from stainless steel sheet.

The basic for jobs are firstly polishing stainless sheets into mirror sheet,and then attach the laser film on the sheets sides,lastly use laser cutting from sheets into the flat bars you want.To do this shall definitely need a higher cost on manufacturing.Pls see below images taken from one order we had on 2017-06-25,buyer is a trader engaging in decoration field,they import the mirror flat bars to build hotels.We talke the order and we achieve well for the order,by supplying very good surface for the flat bars.

If you have any same or similiar inquiry for 304 stainless steel mirror flat steel,pls send inquiry to us at any time.

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