304 stainless steel embossed plate

304 stainless steel embossed plate  304 stainless steel embossed plate  

Stainless steel embossed plate is in the steel surface of the convex pattern, for the requirements of the finish and ornamental place.

The embossing is rolled with a patterned work roll, and its work rolls are usually processed by erosion of the liquid, and the depth of the bumps on the board varies from pattern to about 20-30 microns.

Main material Stainless steel embossed plate are the 201,202,304,316 ect. the general size: 1000 * 2000mm, 1219 * 2438mm, 1219 * 3048mm; can be fixed scale, can also be the whole volume embossed, thickness 0.3mm ~ 2.0mm.

304 stainless steel embossed plate

The following simple to introduce our company stainless steel embossed board advantages:

1> durable, durable, pressure, wear, and decorative effect. Visual beauty, good quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-scratches and no fingerprints.

2> According to scientific testing, transmission efficiency, anti-stroke, compression performance is better than ordinary stainless steel plate, can reduce the friction of 30% -70%, significantly increase the sliding surface efficiency, and the corresponding reduction in surface wear, the same can also extend the machinery and equipment The service life!

3> jawaysteel company to introduce the international advanced sets of automatic production equipment system, style and diverse, three-dimensional sense of strong, material, such as one, there are rust, no cracking, no scratches, do not reveal, the excellent features, Ideal for panels.

The main advantages of the 304 stainless steel embossed plate : durable, durable, wear-resistant, decorative effect. Visual beautiful, good quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-war, anti-scratch and no fingerprints.

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