304 stainless steel embossed plate

304 stainless steel embossed plate is in the steel surface with a concave and convex pattern, used for the requirements of smoothness and ornamental place. Embossing is done with patterned working rollers, which are usually machined with etched liquids.

The main material is 201, 202, 304, 316 stainless steel plate, the general size: 1000*2000mm, 1219*2438mm, 1219*3048mm; Can open indefinite rule, also can whole roll embossing, thickness 0.3mm~2.0mm. 

Pearl board, small squares, lozenge grid lines, antique checkered, twill, chrysanthemum, bamboo grain, sand plate, ice cube, free grain, stone plate, recent, bamboo grain, small diamond, oval, panda, european-style decorative pattern, wing, linen lines, water droplets, Mosaic, wood grain, word, wanfu rimmon, ruyi cloud, grid, color decorative pattern, color circle. Main advantages: durable, durable, wear-resistant, strong decorative effect. Visual beauty, excellent quality, easy to clean, maintenance free, fight, pressure resistance, scratch resistance and no finger Stainless steel embossed plate is suitable for decoration of elevator car, subway car, all kinds of cabin, building decoration.

304 stainless steel embossed plate

1. Skeleton practice

There are two kinds of skeleton: wood structure and steel structure.Wooden frame is made of square wood, mainly used to stick a variety of color stainless steel plate decorative materials.The framework of steel structure is formed by welding Angle steel or bolt connection.Taking concrete square column encased cylinder as an example, the method of skeleton is briefly introduced: firstly, the vertical skeleton is positioned through embedded parts, the connection between horizontal and vertical skeleton and the fixation of skeleton support and column body, and the diameter of circular column needs to be determined.

2.Fixing the base plate

The function of the base plate is to increase the rigidity of the column skeleton, so as to facilitate the placement of decorative panels.It is generally made of plywood, woodworking board or density board, and the base board is directly fixed on the framework with iron nails or screws.The base plate must have a smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy, to ensure the color of the stainless steel plate decorative surface installation quality, this point on the occasion of high requirements for the cylinder.

3.color stainless steel decorative panel installation

The installation that decorates material in pair of chromatic stainless steel plate is fixed, it is to use gluey, nail to connect two kinds of means normally, do not suit to use welding means.Because the high temperature of welding will destroy the color of its surface film, and ultimately affect its appearance;Especially color stainless steel mirror plate, the surface is a mirror, if it is a single color, then welding will leave indelible stains, will lose the overall decorative effect;So use this kind of material adornment to apply welding method is relatively few.The adhesive method is easy to operate, so it is widely used.Nailing is easy to install and strong, but the decorative surface will also be affected.No matter which installation method is used, it is necessary to cut the plate accurately.

304 stainless steel embossed plate is suitable for decoration of elevator car, subway car, all kinds of cabin, building decoration, metal curtain wall industry.

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