304 Steel Stainless Wire

Stainless steel wire of 304 can be widely used in a variety of architectural and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, towers, hoisting and conveying machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container rack and warehouse shelves.


1) Excellent heat resistance, ease of fabrication, most importantly hygiene properties.

2) Don't need special surface treatment, it is easy to maintain. 

3) High strength, high tensile strength, wear resistance and durability.

4) Strong oxidation resistance, bright surface.

5) Good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

We specialized in Stainless steel material, mainly 201, 202,316Ti,304L, 316. The stainless steel flat bar is rectangular in shape and with pure edge steel.

Applications of stainless steel single strand wires :

1). Tie wire, pins, lashing, forming wire, filters, gaskets, elevators, safety wire, shaped and flat wire,
2). Conveyors, jewelry, springs, brush welding, wire line, craft , electrical, bicycle fittings
3). Kitchen and sanitation tools, pet cages, gill racks, goods shelf, decorative handles and baskets
4). Food and medical machinery accessions and many more applications.

Our enterprise have passed ISO9001/ISO14001 certificates,our paint is famous brand, let's do business basis on protect the environment then protect our Mother--EARTH. 


Grade of 304 Stainless steel wire is bundle of delivery, the bundle passes. It is generally delivered in bare loading, and the moisture protection should be paid attention to in transportation and storage.

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