304 Stainless Steel Strip Factory Price

Strip steel is a kind of narrow and long steel plate produced by various rolling enterprises in order to meet the needs of industrial production of various kinds of metal or mechanical products in different industrial sectors. The strip, also known as steel strip, is within 1300mm in width and slightly different in length depending on the size of each roll.




Steel plate with thin thickness, narrow width and long length. Its width is in commonly 20mm - 200 mm. Supplied in rolls of dimensions expressed as thickness x width. According to the quality of steel is divided into high quality and ordinary strip steel; According to rolling method, it can be divided into hot rolling and cold rolling, which are called hot rolling strip steel and cold rolling strip steel respectively. The thickness of hot rolled ordinary strip steel is 2 mm -- 6 mm, and that of cold rolled strip steel is generally 0.05 mm -- 3.60 mm. The strip can be made of plain carbon steel, carbon junction steel, spring steel, tool steel, stainless steel, etc. Widely used in manufacturing welded pipe, clamp, gasket, spring blade, saw blade, etc.


The strip is generally supplied in coils, with the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, easy processing and material saving.


The process flow


The production process of cold rolled strip is generally as follows: pickling, rolling, process lubrication, annealing, leveling, shearing and packaging.


Cold rolling strip technology: pickling - rolling - annealing - rolling size synchronous lubrication - on the rustproof oil - flat length - polishing - packaging


Heating furnace of hot rolled strip steel: - phosphorus removal machine, roughing mill, phosphorus removal machine, finishing mill, surface quality inspection instrument - layer of cold - reel, baling machine, injection machine - volume base slab


Inside furnace hot rolling strip production process: first, the temperature is up to the required rolling temperature, and is entered into the roughing roller on the slab of phosphorus removal machine of iron oxide, and then into the roughing rolling unit width and thickness of strip rolling, and then by the roller conveyor to finishing phosphorus removal machine to process the iron oxide on the strip surface, after entering the finishing rolling unit on the thickness and width of the strip is more precision rolling, strip steel by roller through a layer of cold surface temperature before coiling, after strict control into the reel be coil last baling, spray into the packaging volume of inventory.


304 Stainless Steel Strip Factory Price

304 stainless steel steel strip chemical grade 06Cr19Ni10 old grade (0Cr18Ni9) containing 19% chromium and 8-10% nickel.


304 stainless steel strip has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. Corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. If it is industrial atmosphere or heavily polluted area, it should be cleaned in time to avoid corrosion. Suitable for food processing, storage and transportation. Good machinability and weldability. Plate heat exchanger, corrugated pipe, household articles, building materials, chemistry, food industry, etc. The 304 stainless steel strip is the food grade stainless steel approved by the state.


304 stainless steel is the most widely used stainless steel and heat resistant steel. Used for food production equipment, common chemical equipment, nuclear energy, etc.


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