303 Stainless Steel Coil

303 stainless steel coil is austenitic type free cutting stainless steel with sulfur and selenium, respectively. It is used where free cutting and high surface finish are required.

303 stainless steel coil is austenitic type free cutting stainless acid steel, in order to improve the performance of the steel, can be added in the steel not more than 0.60% of molybdenum, ablative resistance.

Mechanical properties of 303 stainless steel after annealing stress removal, tensile strength of 515MPa, yield of 205MPa, elongation of 40%. Standard hardness of stainless steel 303 HRB 90-100, HRC 20-25, note: HRB100 = HRC22.9.The 303 is free-cutting stainless steel containing sulfur and selenium, respectively. It is used in the occasions where free cutting and surface finish are mainly required. 303 stainless steel improves cutting performance and high temperature bonding resistance. Most suitable for automatic lathes, bolts and nuts.Petroleum, electronics, chemical industry, medicine, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military industry!A strip is a thin steel sheet, also known as a strip, supplied in rolls. There are imported and domestic, hot rolling, cold rolling. Specification: width 3.5mm ~ 1550mm, thickness 0.025mm ~ 4mm.

According to the needs of different users can also undertake to order a variety of special specifications of special-shaped steel.The company's stainless steel belt material complete specifications, price concessions. Provide material certificate of stainless steel belt, SGS report. Stainless steel belt is also called reel, reel, reel, plate, the hardness of the belt also have a lot of. Stainless steel features:

303 stainless steel coil features as below:1. Complete product specifications, diverse materials; 2. High dimensional accuracy, up to ±0.1mm; 3. Good surface quality, good brightness; 4. Strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue strength; 5. Stable chemical composition, pure steel, low inclusion content; 6. The package is in good condition and the price is favorable; 7. Can be done without calibration.


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