301 stainless steel wire rope

301 stainless steel wire rope  

Stainless steel is one kind of metal. They have big function in construction and industry. In projects of world, 301 stainless steel wire rope is very useful.

301 stainless steel wire rope Is perfect in corrosion resistance, which depends on the alloying elements in the steel. Chromium is very very important in corrosion function. Chromium content reaches about 12% chromium and oxygen role of corrosive media, the steel surface of a thin oxide film (from the passive film) , can prevent further corrosion of the steel substrate. Color stainless steel strip is more and more widely used in construction fields, house, restaurant, KTV house, mansion etc.

In addition to chromium, stainless steel wire ropes commonly used alloying elements nickel, nitrogen, titanium, niobium, molybdenum, copper, etc., in order to meet the various uses of stainless steel organization and performance requirements.

As for stainless steel wire ropes, many surface can be found, such as 8k, which is also called mirror finish.

Basic primary chemical and mechanical properties can be promised for products.

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