301 stainless steel plate supplier in china

  301 stainless steel plate is a kind of martensitic stainless steel which is with a certain degree of wear resistance and corrosion resistance in steel

  We can supply .301 stainless steel plate/sheets/coil mirror finished. 301 are used interior/exterior/architectural/bathroom decoration,kitchen sink,hotel decoration,elevator decoration,cabinet,electronics, equipment, instruments, advertising nameplate.

301 stainless steel plate

  The utility model is mainly used for the manufacture of components which are resistant to atmospheric, water vapor, water and oxidizing acid corrosion.

  Elongation (%): when quenching and tempering, ≥30%

  yield strength(MPa): when quenching and tempering, ≥460

  Hardness: when annealing,less than 223HB;when quenching and tempering, more than


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