301 stainless steel full hard sheet

The 301 stainless steel full hard sheet is a kind of austenitic stainless steel, it is with fully austenitic structure under fully soluble conditions. Among all the material grades, 301 stainless steel sheet is the most easily cold deformation strengthening stainless steel, by cold deformation processing can improve the strength and hardness of the steel, and retain sufficient plasticity and toughness.

Besides this material has good corrosion resistance under atmospheric conditions, but its’ corrosion resistance is poor in acid alkali and salt chemical medium, therefore it is not recommended used in harsh environments. 301 stainless steel full hard sheet is mainly used in cold working conditions to withstand higher load, but also hope to reduce equipment weight and rusty parts of equipment. In addition, the material is prone to work hardening when subjected to external force, which can absorb more impact energy and provide more reliable safety guarantee for equipment and personnel.

The corresponding Chinese material grade: 12Cr17Ni7.

The chemical composition of 301 stainless steel sheet:
C:≤0.15 ,Si :≤1.0 ,Mn :≤2.0 ,Cr :16.0~18.0 ,Ni :6.0-8.0,S :≤0.03 ,
P :≤0.045.

Chemical composition:
Tensile strength: σb (MPa):≥520
Yield strength: σ0.2 (MPa):≥205
Elongation: δ5 (%):≥40

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