301 Colled Solled Stainless Steel Coil

301 colled rolled stainless steel coil, also known as 301 stainless steel - is malleable and is used for molding products.301 stainless steel coil imports 301 stainless steel strip 1Cr17Ni7.301 stainless steel has good ductility, which can also be used for forming products through mechanical processing to make it quickly harden, weldability and fatigue strength better than 304 stainless steel compared with 304,Cr and Ni content is lower after cold rolling processing with magnetic.

301 stainless steel belt is a kind of metastable austenitic stainless steel, under the condition of full solid solution, with a fully austenitic organization in stainless steel, 301 is the most easy cold deformation strengthening steel grade, through the cold deformation processing can make the hardness, strength of steel and retain enough plastic toughness, together with the steel under the condition of the atmosphere with good rust resistance, but the poor corrosion resistance, reducing medium in acid and alkali salt chemical medium corrosion resistance is poorer, therefore is not recommended for corrosion harsh environment 301 applied mainly in cold state under high load, and hope to reduce the equipment weight and not rusty equipment partsIn addition, when the steel is hit by external forces, it is easy to produce work hardening, which can absorb more impact energy. It will provide more reliable security for equipment and personnel.

In the air or chemical corrosion resistant to corrosion medium of a kind of high alloy steel, stainless steel is a beautiful surface and corrosion resistant performance is good, need not after surface treatment, such as color of plating and the surface of the stainless steel inherent performance, used in a variety of steel a, often referred to as representative performance with 13 chrome steel, stainless steel 18-8 chrome-nickel steel high alloy steel from the perspective of metallography analysis, because the stainless steel containing chromium and make the surface form very thin chromium film, the film separated and the effect of the intrusion of oxygen corrosion inside steel in order to keep inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, steel must contain more than 12% of chromium304 is a kind of common stainless steel.

301 colled rolled stainless steel coil. it is widely used to make for a good comprehensive performance, corrosion resistance and formability of equipment and parts according to the ASTM standard 304 stainless steel was made of stainless steel 304 is equivalent to a brand of 06 cr19ni10 (0 cr18ni9) stainless steel 304 inclusive of our 18% chromium, nickel, 8% of 301 is the most widely used stainless steel heat resistant steel used for food production equipment yesterday on chemical equipment of nuclear power, etc.

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