300 Series 309S 310S Stainless Steel sheet

        309S and 310S is heat-resistance and corrosion-resistance high Nickle and Chromium stainless steel,which is widely used in oven,heat equipment,boiler,petrochemical,some special parts etc.


        As per the chemical composition,alloy in 310 is higher than that in 309,especially for Nickle and Cr.With the difference in important alloy elements,310 stainless steel could resist with higher temperature than 309.Usually 310 could bear 1000 to 1200 ℃,however max.temperance 309 could resist is 1000 .This does not mean 309 is not good as 310,actually 309 is more used in flanges,pipes,petrochemical because of its basic same alloy level with 310 but more economic than 310.


        Usually 309S and 310S stainless steel is always handled in shapes of sheet,plate,bar and tube.310S is more likely to be produced in bars,wire,and hot rolled plate,however 309S is more widely used in tubes.flanges and sheets.

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