202 stainless steel wire with high cost performanced

202 stainless steel wire with high cost performanced  

Jaway is specializing in the production of 202 stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire is made of stainless steel as raw materials of all kinds of different specifications and types of silk products, common good corrosion resistance, high cost performance of stainless steel wire are 304 and 316. 202 stainless steel wire specification from 1 mm to 6 mm, divided into soft, hard, hard states in three kinds of mode of production.

202 stainless steel wire chemical composition to c: 0.15 or less & have spent Si: 1.00 or less & have spent Mn: 7.50 ~ 10.00 & have spent P: s: 0.060 or less 0.030 or less ni: 4.00 ~ 6.00 cr: 17.00 ~ 19.00 & have spent N: 0.25 or less.

202 stainless steel wire is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, Bridges, buildings, machinery, hardware, textile printing and dyeing, medical, decoration, shipbuilding and other heavy industrial and civilian enterprise, our factory is purchasing raw materials to smelting, steel rolling, heat treatment, finished product, process, physical and chemical test, etc., are in strict accordance with the relevant standards for scientific and normative operation and quality control.

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