202 stainless steel sheet brushed finish

202 stainless steel sheet brushed finish  

Stainless steel sheet brushed finish is like a silky texture, a process that is stainless steel. The surface is Matt, look carefully with a little texture, but not out of touch. Than the bright side of stainless steel wear, look more attractive.

202 stainless steel is one of the 200 series stainless steel, GB model is 1Cr18Mn8Ni5N.

202 stainless steel sheet is a metastable austenitic stainless steel, its national standard model is 1Cr18Mn8Ni5N, has a high strength, toughness, high wear resistance and has a greater work hardening.

As everyone knows, 200 series stainless steel belongs to low nickel high manganese steel, nickel content, manganese content is about 8%, nickel stainless steel.202 stainless steel sheet is widely used in building decoration, hotel facilities, shopping malls, glass handrails, public facilities and other places. The high precision automation system, through its own dissolve welding, roll forming. In the absence of any metal filler, filling gas protection (inside and outside of the pipe side) welding, welding process for TIG, and on-line solution of eddy current testing.

202 stainless steel sheet brushed finish refers to the general refers to the surface of the surface plus the general name, formerly known as the frosted plate, the surface of the straight lines, random lines (and grain), corrugated and thread,etc.

202 stainless steel sheet brushed finish , to some extent, the loss drawing technology of stainless steel sheet thickness, generally in 0.1 ~ 0.2 mm. In addition, due to the human body, especially the palm has a relatively strong sebum and sweat secretion, stainless steel wire drawing board often touch leaves obvious fingerprint need to scrub on a regular basis.

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