202 cold rolled stainless steel sheet price

Stainless steel sheet has several surface, such as, it is hairline, 2B , 2D No.1, NO.4, because of it’s feature is different surface stand for different applications, stainless steel sheet has several chemical feather. We would like to instruct the application for our customers.

202 cold rolled stainless steel sheet is a versatile stainless steel, which is widely used in the production of good overall performance requirements (corrosion resistance and formability) of the equipment and machinery. It is an alloy steel that is not easily rusted, but it is not absolutely rust free. Stainless steel sheet is divided into several types as thick, such as Thin sheet, the range is 0.1mm-4.5mm, the middle sheet’s range is 3.5mm-30mm, the thickest sheet is 60-100mm.

202 cold rolled stainless steel sheet is widely used in household appliances (1, 2 tableware), water heaters, cabinets, indoor pipelines, boilers, bathtubs, building materials, auto parts, medical equipment, chemical. Stainless steel sheet have widen application because of it’s corrosion, it is used for medical equipment, construction and chemical equipment etc. the thick is <3mm is called cold rolled sheet, another is the thick is >3mm is called hot rolled sheet.

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