201 stainless steel wire drawing with competitive price

201 stainless steel wire drawing. Draw the wire rod from the die hole of the drawing die under the action of drawing force to produce a metal plastic process of a small cross section steel wire or non-ferrous metal wire. All kinds of metal and alloy of different cross-sectional shape and size of the wire can be used to pull production. Pull out the wire, the size of the precise, smooth surface, and the use of drawing equipment and die is simple, easy to manufacture.

201 is a stainless steel steel code, its national standard grade is: 1Cr17Mn6Ni5. Belonging to the 200 series of steel, it has the advantage of acid, alkali, high density, polished without bubbles,No pinholes and other characteristics.

Chemical composition:
(C) Carbon: ≤ 0.15
(Si) silicon: ≤ 0.75
(Mn) manganese: 5.5 to 7.50
(Cr) chromium: 16.0 to 18.0
(N) nitrogen: ≤ 0.25
(P) Phosphorus: ≤0.060
(S) sulfur: ≤ 0.030
(Ni) nickel: 3.50-5.50%
(Cu) Copper: half copper 0.8% High copper 1.5%

Physical performance:
Tensile strength: 520MPa
Yield strength: 275MPa
Elongation: 55 to 60%

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