201 cold-rolled stainless steel prices rose

October 10 Foshan market news, after the holiday 201 cold-rolled stainless steel is like a runaway horse, the main origin of the break through the million mark.

Today, in the Castle Peak in November, 201 cold-rolled stainless steel has fallen 200 yuan / ton: J1-9000 yuan / ton, J3-8800 yuan / ton.

According to the current spot price of the market point of view, the mainstream cold-rolled transaction price of 10100 yuan / ton, four-foot hot-rolled J1 spot offer for 9200 yuan / ton, and cold-rolled spread to 900 yuan / ton.

"Cold rolling are called 10300 yuan / ton price, hot rolling actually to fall, pull hind legs!" Business complained.

If the hot-rolled large board spot prices are pulling hind legs, then if you know the narrow-band transaction price, will not cry faint?

Yesterday gold in the price of 8400 appear snapped up, today's 8500 have encountered embarrassment of steel prices. In accordance with the current situation of the narrow band, and even the German material also have J3 in 8500 yuan / ton situation, the steel offer as Castle Peak (J3), Baosteel reported 8800 is not too much.

Speaking of narrowband prices can not go higher reasons, the market is mainly attributed to: the existence of incremental narrowband problems.

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