201 Stainless Steel Spring Wire

  Stainless steel wire is a very traditional product inside our company named JawaySteel Corporation.The production process for stainless steel wire is a bit complicated like wire rod manufacturing,cold drawing,annealing,pickling,drawing again,winding and packing etc.The wire can be divided into spring wire,soft wire,nright wire,lashing wire,typing wire,binding wire etc.We specialise for above kinds of wire since 1998,till now,we have more than 100 customers ordering stainless steel wire from us.One of customers from Bangladesh repeated their orders for 201 stainless steel wire used in making welding wire or filler rod.

201 Stainless Steel Spring Wire

  Regarding 201 stainless steel spring wire,we keep enough Chrominum with 14-16% as per GB or ASTM Standard.The Nickle contains at least 1%,all other elements like Mn,Carbon,Si,S etc as per the specification of GB and ASTM.

  The packing for 201 stainless steel wire usually by spool or into bundles wrapped with pp cloth like the pic below.

  About spring wire 201 grade stainless steel,we exported to Peru,Mexico,Russia,Germany,Turkey,they imported our 201 spring wire to make spring in industry,household or facilities making etc.

  The tensile strength for our 201 spring wire could reach from 1000mpa to 2000 mpa,we can adjust the TS or YS by adjusting annealing and time of cooling etc.

  Welcome to send us any inquiry regarding 201 stainless steel spring wire.

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