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201 stainless steel coil pipe is a kind of high temperature resistant steel; because of it’s high Ni and chromium content, it is with good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and salt resistance and high temperature performance.

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202S stainless steel bar, 202CU stainless steel plate, and other related high temperature resistant steel.

The Usages for 201 stainless steel coil pipe:

1)made of stainless steel with welding and wall thickness, wall thickness from thick to thin, which can make the wall thickness uniformity,beautiful, this is really needed for medical products.

2)Industrial stainless steel coil pipe: heat exchanger,chemical, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, boiler, oil, nuclear power and so on.

3)Stainless steel coil pipe: smooth, and reduce the effect of the formation of a non seam wall stretching tubes. Liquid stainless steel coil pipe: beer, water supply system, milk equipment.

4)The pipe is seamless according to the naked eye, but the process is decided. It needs to set the diameter, that is, the big pull and small process, determine the outer diameter.

5)Mechanical Structure Stainless Steel Coil pipe: printing and dyeing, textile machinery, printing, kitchen equipment, etc.

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