18 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire Strength

18 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire Strength  

18 gauge stainless steel wire equal to 1.214mm size. Jaway stainless steel wire can provide different diameter and different grade to customer from all over the world.

Stainless steel wire: wire, screw wire, spring wire, soft wire, bright wire, electrolytic line, the axis of the car.

Tensile strength is 1500-2000 of 1.2mm diameter stainless steel wire.

Stainless steel wire grade:304 308308L 309 309L 316 316L 201 202 301 302 410 420 430

Product specifications: 14 mm diameter: 0.1-0.1-14 mm (can be customized special specifications and materials products)

Execution standard: American standard, European standard, etc.

Surface condition: smooth surface fog, etc

Delivery status: can be divided into white light, acid, half light, etc

Products magnetic: weak magnetic or non-magnetic, if the products are environmental requirements can choose 400 series products.

Product use: widely used in petroleum, electronics, food, machinery, construction, aerospace, military industry, chemical industry, textile, fisheries, construction, precision instruments, hardware tools, crafts, etc

Product features: beautiful surface state, good form ability, high plasticity, uniform size, high dimensional accuracy, brightness, good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, not easy to wear and tear, not easy ageing, high tensile strength and fatigue resistance, chemical stability

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