0.4mm Thick 321 Stainless Steel Strip

0.4mm Thick 321 Stainless Steel Strip  

We believe many people know that stainless steel material is a kind of not easily rust stainless steel. In order to prove the fact, test has been done. Tests show that in air, water and other environment, the corrosion resistance increased with the increase of Cr content in steel, moreover, when the chromium content reaches a certain percentage, the steel corrosion resistance mutation from rust to rust, corrosion and corrosion resistance to never.

0.4mm thick 321 stainless steel strip have many application in modern time. 321 is one kind of stainless steel materials. 321 is not as normal as 304 and 316, but it has specific aspect and advantage. This kind of stainless steel has elongation is above 22%, and the fatigue life of 1 * ten to the seventh.

In many industry and chemical area, stainless steel can provide satisfactory corrosion resistance. The stainless steel strip, due to the change of temperature and some different crystal structures, namely phase is very necessary. 0.4mm thick 321 stainless steel strip is very important in construction.

Stainless steel has also disadvantages, which is because the wrong selection of stainless steel austenitic stainless steel. For example, stainless steel can't be hardened, be not suitable for cutting tools. The martensitic stainless steel made by heat treatment, such as quenching, tempering hardness change of stainless steel. So they should be improved again.

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