hot sale top quality 201 stainless steel plate

Jaway Steel corporation can offer high quality 201 stainless steel plate. It has good performance of polishing with no bubbles and no pinhole. And it is the high quality materials to produce various cases, strap back cover etc.

201 stainless steel plate is mainly used to make decorative tubes, industrial tubes and some shallow drawn products. It has similar ability of resisting general corrosion same as unstable Ni-Cr alloy 304. Thus it can mainly used for high temperature applications, high temperature applications require strong anti-sensitization materials to prevent intergranular corrosion at lower temperatures.

The Chemicai composition of 201 stainless steel plate:
(C) :≤0.15; (Si) :≤0.75; (Mn) :5.5~7.50; (Cr) :16.0~18.0; (N) :≤0.25;(Ni) :3.50~5.50;(P) :≤0.060; (S) :≤0.030

201 stainless steel plate can be divided into light stainless steel plate, polishing stainless steel plate, precision stainless steel plate, 2B surface stainless steel plate, 8k surface stainless steel plate, 6 k surface stainless steel plate, BA surface stainless steel plate, Mirror surface stainless steel plate etc. If you need more details or latest price. Please feel free to contact us at

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