hot dip galvanized steel sheet

hot dip galvanized steel sheet  

The hot dip galvanized steel sheet is widely used in Construction, household appliances, automobiles, machinery, electronics, light industry and other industries .

Hot dip galvanized is an effective way of metal corrosion. It has two cooling way, Air cooling and water cooling. Hot dip galvanized steel sheet is commonly used: Common merchandise (CQ), structure used galvanized sheet (HSLA), Stamping galvanized sheet(DQ), bake hardening tot galvanized steel sheet (BH), Dual phase steel (DP), etc.

Pay special attention to is that the length is not allowed to have the negative tolerance, Don't allow more than + 6 mm.

Below let’s talk about the defects of hot dip galvanized steel sheet: Fall off, scratches, passivation spot, zinc grains, webbing, gas streaks, air knife, inclusion, mechanical damage, scratches, steel base steel performance is bad, wave edge, gourd ladle, ill-fitting, stamping, zinc layer thickness, roller printing.

Generally, it will appear the white rust, the reason as following:
1.Passivation and passivation film thickness is not enough or uneven.
2.Surface does not oil and strip surface residual moisture.
3.Passivation not completely dry.
4.During transport or storage , it was affected with damp be affected with damp or wet rain.
5.The storage time of finished product is too long.

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