high quality stainless steel pipe in jawaysteel

Stainless steel pipe is a oval pipe hollow and it’s shape is oval, it’s application is widely in all kinds of materials, such as, medical, foil, light industry and so on, many factories supply High quality stainless steel pipe.

In order to obtain smaller size and better quality of seamless tube,better adopt cold rolling, cold drawing or combined. if the Oxide film is destroyed, the stainless steel pipe surface can contact with the gas so that play a function continue protect the stainless steel pipe.

So high quality stainless steel pipe must have high corrosion resistance. Reeling the wall thickness and sizing by machines to meet requirement of specification. Extrusion method refers to putting the heated tube embryo in a closed extrusion cylinder, the perforated bar and extrusion rod move together.

High quality stainless steel pipe is widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile transmission shaft, bicycle frame and construction of steel scaffolding, etc. Stainless steel pipe has widely application in many occasions, stainless steel pipe can used for hydrophobic equipment, it can also used for weapons. Hot rolled seamless pipe in general is produced on the automatic pipe rolling mill.

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