factory price 304l stainless steel sheet

factory price 304l stainless steel sheet  factory price 304l stainless steel sheet  

The surface quality of 304l stainless steel sheet pickling process mainly depends on the quality, heat treatment, surface oxidation Pihou formation if heat treatment before a process, or organization is not uniform, with acid does not improve the surface smoothness and uniformity. So should pay full attention to cleaning the surface of the heating or heat treatment before heat treatment.

304L stainless steel sheet with lower carbon content compare with 304 stainless steel sheet.304L at the welding point or other processing places than above 304. Better pitting corrosion resistance than the 304 with just because of this, 304L is more resistant to corrosion.

304L after welding, or eliminate stress, its resistance to grain boundary corrosion excellent; in the absence of heat treatment, also can maintain good corrosion resistance, the use of temperature -196 degrees C-800 degrees C.

304L stainless steel sheet is a low carbon content of 304 stainless steel varieties, used for welding occasion. Low carbon content makes precipitation near the weld heat affected zone of carbide minimized, and carbide precipitation may result in stainless steel intergranular corrosion in some environments (welding erosion).

304L stainless steel sheet is widely used in household products (1,2 class tableware), cabinets, indoor pipelines, water heaters, boilers, bathtubs, auto parts, medical equipment, building materials, chemicals, food industry, agriculture, marine parts,etc.Hope these will be workable for you.Any comments pls feel free to contact us at sales@jawaysteel.com

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