factory direct sell price 446 stainless steel pipe

446 stainless steel pipe from Jawaysteel enjoys a very good performance, which has good quality and controlling very good factory supply prices. Customer has a very high requirement for the contractor,but finally they chosen us due to we have advanced production facility.

Compared with 445, Cr composition is higher, carbon composition is lower, adding Mo to ensure high corrosion resistance. 446 stainless steel seamless tube’s corrosion resistance is strong. For the welding factor,we will use auto-welding facility to bend and roll the sheets into tubes, especially 446 materials.

Chemical composition (wt%) of the 446 stainless steel pipe:
C: 0.007%, Mo: 0.8%, Cr: 25.7%,S: 0.007%, N: 0.01%,P: 0.012%,

446 stainless steel pipe is a kind of stainless steel used for large public buildings in coastal and industrial areas. Now the order has been into mass and fast production.

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