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Here are some materials for sale with a good discount as below, which were left because the wrong size making or refused by our other clients without any reason. Pls be assured that the quality is guaranteed without any problem and following the standard requirement, the TPI also welcome, support third party testing if needed.

Corrugated Galvanized Steel Sheet

corrugated galvanized steel sheet
Serial Item Description Quantity (ton) FOB China (USD/ton) Total Amount(USD)
1 CGI,corrugated galvanized steel Steel grade: G450 TS:450 MPA Min YS: 450 Mpa Min Zinc coating: 450g/sq.m,double sided,with common spangle Thickness: 0.54-0.66mm Width of sheet: 757-767mm Width of corrugation: 76.2mm Depth of corrugation: 16-19mm Length of sheet: 2000-2008mm No. of corrugation: 10 50 $1,500.0 $75,000.00
Total $75000
Say Total Amount Seventy Five Thousand USD Dollars ONLY
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