cheap price 329 stainless steel welding pipe

Reference on 329 stainless steel welded pipe,the basic step to produce is like sheets cutting and preparation+sheets bending and rolling + welding by auto-welding machine+streighting+cutting+packing etc. 329 stainless steel pipe is a kind of Austenitic stainless steel pipe, its’ UNS number is S32900.

The physical property of 329 stainless steel pipe:
Yield strength(N/mm2)≥390
Tensile strength(N/mm2)≥590
Hardness≤HB 277

We use 329 stainless steel welding pipe,with aim of use these tube in cooling heater with salted ware inside and steam outside. Although it is stainless steel welded pipe,we make a very good welding to make sure the tubes are totally sealing, anti-pressure and resistant to outside impact. It has dual phase structure, good oxidation resistance and pitting resistance, and has high strength.

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