Buy Stainless Steel Round Bar

Here you can buy stainless steel round bar.The stainless steels are classified according to the use of processing methods: steels for pressure processing and steels for cutting; classified according to the characteristics of the organization: austenitic, austenitic-ferritic, ferritic, martensitic, and precipitation hardening.

Buy Stainless Steel Round Bar

Round steel, square steel, flat steel, hexagonal steel and octagonal steel are called stainless steel bars.


Stainless steel round bar specification: Ф1.0MM or more 250mm or less Hot-rolled and forged stainless steel bars with a size (diameter, side length, thickness, or distance between edges) of not more than 250mm.


Stainless steel round bar material: 304, 304L, 321, 316, 316L, 310S, 630, 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 3Cr13, 1Cr17Ni2, dual phase steel, antibacterial steel and other materials


Applications: Petroleum, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries.


Remarks: Stainless steel round bars of various materials and specifications can be customized.


We are an genuine manufacturer specialises for stainless steel bar,sheet,strip,pipe etc in all specs since 1998.


Jawaysteel Corporation,supplier from China,founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer and global exporter specializing in metal manufacture and exportation. In recent years, winged by rapid merge and expansion,Our well-equipped plant emerged in Dainan, Jiangsu Province, with two Export offices respectively located in Shanghai and HongKong catering.Export offices respectively located in Shanghai and HongKong catering to a lager scale of customers from both home and abroad under the banner of supreme service.


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