best price of 202 stainless steel round bar

Stainless steel round bar is one of our most advantageous product, stainless steel round bar is a kind of cylindrical stainless steel products, especially 202 stainless steel round bar. it has wide application in our life, stainless steel round bar surface usually polish surface. Of course, black and pickled finish are all available.

Stainless steel flat steel structure according to the different needs of the various components of the force, but also for the connection between the components.
200 series include 201, 202. they all belong to Chromium, nickel, Mn stainless steel products, as per series different it also be used for different district.

202 stainless steel round bar is made as per GB / T2101-89; GB9787-88 / GB9788-88; JISG3192-94; DIN17100-80; ГОСТ535-88. Commonly used standard test methods are GB / T232-88, JISZ2204, JISZ2248, ASTME290, ГОСТ14019, DIN50111 and so on. The chemical composition of stainless steel flat steel is rolled steel series for general structure, the main test indicators are C, Mn, P, S four.

Stainless steel round bar is divided into several series according to applications, it has different applications in different series. 200 series include 202, 201 etc.

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