Stainless steel pipe flanges

Stainless steel pipe flanges  

Stainless steel pipe flanges in connection with the pipe is divided into the following six basic types: flat welding flange, butt welding flange, socket welding flange, loose flange, threaded flange, and flange as a whole. Flat welding flange: more mild in the condition of medium, such as suit low circulating water, the purification of compressed air, and it has the advantage of the price is cheaper; Butt welding Stainless steel pipe flanges: one of the most commonly used, it and pipe butt welding, welding joint quality is better, and the neck flange using taper transition, can withstand the harsh conditions; Socket welding flange: often used in PN acuities were 10.0 MPa, DN acuities were 40 pipeline; Loose flange: often used in medium temperature and pressure is not high and strong corrosion conditions.

When strong corrosive medium, part of the Stainless steel pipe flanges contact medium (flanging nipple) as the corrosion resistance of high grade materials such as stainless steel materials, while the external use of low grade materials such as carbon steel material of flange ring clamp it in order to realize the seal; Integral flange: often the flange and the equipment, pipes, pipe fittings, valves, etc, this type of commonly used on the equipment and valves.

The Stainless steel pipe flanges type and type code

Plate flat welding flange: PL
With flat welding neck flange SO
Butt welding neck flange: WN
Integral flange :IF
Socket welding flange :SW
Threaded flange :Th
Butt welding ring loose flange (note) :PJ/SE
Flat welding ring loose flange :PJ/RJ
Flange cover :BL
The lining flange cover :BL (S)

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