Hot rolled 904L stainless steel plates

Hot rolled 904L stainless steel plates  Hot rolled 904L stainless steel plates  

904L Grade also called N08904, 14539,is a Super austenitic stainless steel containing 14.0-18.0% chromium, 24.0-26.0% nickel, 4.5% molybdenum. Being with low carbon less then 0.02% and high content in Nickle and molybdenum that make that super alloy to be very acid-resistant, excellent corrosion resistance as well as activation passivation and conversion ability.

Chemical composition for 904L Stainless steel:

Physical properity for 904L Stainless steel:

hot rolled 904L Stainless steel plates

Project reference: our Jawaysteel corporation could manufacture and supply 904L Stainless steel materials in all kinds like the wire,bar,tube,pipe fittings,coil and plate.Being owned by VOD and advanced vacuum smelting furnace to remove carbon and impurities,so that super alloy and low carbon alloy is one of our advantageous products.On 23rd of December of 2016,we have signed a contract with a big client from Germany for ordering 52 tons 904L Stainless steel plates in hot rolling condition,the sizes for the plates are 8x1500x3000mm,10x1800x3600mm,12x1500x6000mm,loading and shipping by 2x40 GP Containers from China to Hamburg,Germany.The application is for heat exchangers and electricity device etc.Now the production is at very end,customers are arranging TPI inspection from BV.

Guarantee period: our quality guarantee period for all our order materials are 2 years after cargo reaching clients’ warehouse,during that period,if any claim or feedback that the 904L hot rolled plates can not used well and after our verification that it is due to our quality problem.

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