DX51D galvanized steel sheet

DX51D galvanized steel sheet  

DX51D galvanized steel sheet refers to the surface of a layer of zinc plate. Galvanizing is a frequently used and effective method of preserving corrosion.

Half of the world's zinc production is for this process.

DX51D galvanized sheet material is bending and forming grade galvanized sheet.

DX51D galvanized sheet is also relatively common galvanized sheet. DX51D + Z is a galvanized sheet inside a variety of materials, which can be made with zero spangle or regular flower spangle surface. But only can be used for simple bending and deformation.

The materials to be used for deep drawing are DX52D + Z, DX53D + Z ... DX56D + Z. But they are not the same as the implementation of standards, the other is no different.

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