China suppliers best quality 431 stainless steel bar

431 stainless steel bar belongs to the international stainless steel marking method. 431 stainless steel bar --S43100 (AISI, ASTM), the corresponding Chinese brand of 431 is 1Cr17Ni2.

Characteristics and applications: 431 stainless steel bar is usually used to make parts, cellar and equipment which have high strength and good corrosion resistance to nitric acid and organic acid.

The chemical composition of 431 stainless steel bar:
C: 0.2%max, Mn:1.0%max, P: 0.04%max, S:0.03%max, Si: 1%max, Cr: 15-17%, Ni:1.25-2.5%.

431 stainless steel bar belongs to the 400 series stainless steel which is an kind of alloy made of Cr, C and Fe. This stainless steel has a martensitic structure and iron element, and therefore has normal magnetic properties. 400 series stainless steel has a strong resistance to oxidation at high temperature.

By adding micro amounts of niobium, titanium, copper and aluminum into 400 series stainless steel, its deep impact properties, weldability, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance can be improved and can partially replace the 300 series stainless steel model. At present, there are below material grades which have added those micro elements: SUS430LX, 430JIL, 444, 445M2, NSS447M1 and so on. The United States and Japan have extensively used these models to make automotive exhaust pipes (type 409 and 410L), washing machines, inner tubes (type 430), kitchen appliances, household appliances, medical equipment, water heaters, roof panels, curtain walls and power plant equipment.

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