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310S Stainless Steel Square Tube as a stainless steel is the use of food equipment, general chemical equipment, atomic energy industry equipment,etc. It is a hollow strip of steel, because the cross-section is called a square square tube.

square tube seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe (with pipe) two categories. 310S Stainless Steel Square Tube is widely used, the following is its method:

Chemical polishing chemical polishing is to make materials in chemical medium surface micro protruding part of a concave part so as to obtain preferential dissolution, smooth surface. It is widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures, such as petroleum, gas, steam and so on. same surface selective dissolution of small protruding part, smooth surface.

Compared with chemical polishing, good effect, can eliminate the cathodic reaction.its ability to withstand pressure and quality, under the provisions of the pressure does not leak, soaked or swollen as qualified.

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